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Posted by ahsamgf on March 26, 2018 | Last Updated: January 2, 2020 Easter Flowers

Bloom With Us This Spring

There’s just something about baskets—getting them, delivering them to someone else, designing flowers inside of them, as we here at Ah Sam Florist do. They tap into a long tradition of carrying food or supplies, of bearing precious items, and they remind us that at one point, basket-making was the work of skilled artisans. These humble containers are emblematic of Easter, and they also symbolize comfort and plenty. To us, filling them with flowers is a natural fit.

One of our best examples of the flowers-in-a-basket ouvre is Spring in Bloom, which is spilling over with roses, hydrangea, larkspur and other flowers that seem gathered from the garden. We’ve left this a little free form to give that just-picked sense, and we’ve tried to find the brightest, most Easter-inspired hues.

Our basket is just as wild and rustic, a gorgeous contrast to the delicacy and elegance of the blooms. And we haven’t forgotten the green either. With a piece like this, it’s possible to express all of the freshness and vitality of spring. A flower basket more than holds its own against a traditional Easter basket brimming with chocolate bunnies and Peeps. Deliver or bring the two together to your Sunday dinner this year to the delight of everyone there.