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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on April 30, 2015 Flowers Peonies

All About Peonies

PeoniesThere is no doubt that spring is here. It’s in the air and everywhere we go. It’s also the time of year for the best selection of brightly colored cut flowers. Here at Ah Sam Florist, we want our customers to enjoy all the flowers that spring has to offer – especially one of the season’s most luxurious flowers: the peony.

Background Information on Peonies

Peonies are native to places in the Northern Hemisphere. They have been cultivated in Asia and Europe for centuries. Peonies fall into different categories based on use and other characteristics. Those categories are:

  • Herbaceous
  • Tree
  • Intersectional
  • Woodland

Herbaceous Peonies – The Most Spectacular Cut Flowers

Herbaceous perennial peonies are the most well-known, primarily because they produce such spectacular cut flowers. These disease resistant shrubs bloom between spring and summer, and in the garden, flowers typically bloom for seven to 10 days. After the blooming period, the shiny dark green foliage continues to provide interest in the garden. The leaves remain on plants until they die back to the ground in winter.

We chose some of our favorite flower arrangements that use peonies because we think they are perfect for a gift – especially for Mother’s Day. There is no better way to bring some fragrance and color into your home for spring than with an arrangement of peonies. Herbaceous peonies are popular because they are so ideal for cut flowers.

Peonies and Roses in a crystal bowl are the perfect accent for a coffee table, console table, desk or another table. Place the bowl in a bedroom to add some ambiance and romance. This arrangement consists of peonies and roses in shades of pink, packed into a round mound in a gorgeous lead crystal bowl. This is the perfect springtime gift for a special person in your life.


Peonies and Roses

Embrace pink with the delightful smell of fragrant flowers. Our Peony & Rose Classic Bouquet combines the biggest garden peonies we could find with sumptuous roses to create an arrangement that oozes sophistication and elegance in every way. The flowers come in a simple, but classic cylinder vase.


Peony and Rose Classic Bouquet

It’s all about the peonies in our Peony Classic Bouquet. We don’t want anything to overshadow the peonies, so we use a simple clear glass vase and combine the biggest, most extravagant and fragrant peonies we can find to bring you an exceptional arrangement with flowers that look like they came right out of the garden.


Peony Classic Bouquet