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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on February 9, 2015 | Last Updated: January 2, 2020 Flowers Valentine's Day

What the Different Colors of Roses Mean?

What the Different Colors of Roses Mean

There isn’t much time left until Valentine’s Day arrives. To prepare for that, here at Ah Sam Florist we have designed a Valentine collection of romance and love.

Looking for roses? We’re featuring luxury, extra fancy long stem roses, 24 inches long, in the color of your choice arranged in a vase.

Another lovely rose is the multi-petal David Austin garden roses that are simply divine.

For over 200 years, people around the world have used the language of flowers to express feelings. We love that idea, and as you decide on your romantic expression for that special loved one, consider roses as your love note.

In case you’re unsure about what to give your Valentine, we have some gift inspirations that are as unique and special as your love. Or check out our Rose Guide for additional information about the symbolism behind rose colors.

Over the Top When You’re Head Over Heels in Love

When you really want to send a message with flowers, you probably want to make sure that the message is loud and clear. There is no better way to do that than with two, three or five Dozen Luxurious Roses presented in a glass vase. We show a vase filled with red roses, but you can choose other colors, too, depending on what you want to say.

Red roses symbolize love, desire, and romance.

Pink roses convey feelings of admiration, appreciation, gratitude, and happiness.

White is a color that is associated with purity and innocence. It also symbolizes new beginnings.

Mix it Up

If you feel daring enough to be non-traditional in your choice of flowers, consider our Assorted Garden Roses Bouquet – David Austin. You will get a combination of colors, including creamy buttermilk, rosy pink, and peach. When you want to give a gift that looks like you gathered flowers right out of the Queen’s garden, this arrangement fits that purpose. Peach roses symbolize appreciation, gratitude, and thanks. Pink is associated with admiration.

Declaring Your Love

When you want to tell someone you love them, but you don’t want to be overly typical, use roses to convey a Make My Heart Sing type of message. This vase is filled with 16 spectacular red and deep pink roses. Your loved one is sure to know how important they are to you, and how much you love them.

For more information on Floral Meanings, check out our flower dictionary.

Or take a peek at our Rose Guide here.