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Posted by ahsamgf on March 19, 2018 | Last Updated: June 9, 2020 Flowers Spring

A Vase Of Fragrant Hyacinth

Ah Sam Flowers knows the nose knows when it comes to flowers.

For all of their visual appeal, flowers make an equally strong appeal to our olfactory sense, which is to say that they smell good and we like good smells. And while certainly not all flowers were created equal when it comes to scent, each one does have its own distinct fragrance, even if that fragrance hews more to the description of “smelling fresh.”

One of spring’s most aromatic flowers is the hyacinth, a marvel to look at and even more of a delight to smell. These beauties pop up from bulbs to reveal a stripe of buds. They can be pink, lavender, or blue, but one thing’s for sure: hyacinth smells lovely no matter what color they are. In the case of our Hyacinth Vase we’ve mixed two versions together and teamed them with some folded leaves and branches for contrast and texture.

Set a simple design like this on your desk, kitchen table, or bedroom dresser and let the scent of spring emanate through space. One of the best ways to herald the arrival of a new season is to take pleasure in all of its sensual charms; in the case of spring, that’s a feeling of purity and renewal. Flowers like hyacinths help set that mood.