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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on January 14, 2015 Weddings

Using Red for Your Wedding

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMA vibrant and memorable color, red is the ideal shade for your wedding when you want a ceremony with a little more spice and excitement than the calming, sedate colors of white, lavender, and pale pink that so often show up in traditional nuptials.

Shades that Pair Well with Red

Red pairs beautifully with classic white at a wedding, but there are other colors that also enhance the beauty and anticipation at a wedding. You might think about using a few different shades of pink and using a red to match.

For example, you might use cotton candy pink and a shade of red called razzmatazz, which is a red that feels like it was mixed with a little bit of pink bubblegum. Or, imagine a wedding gown in the palest of pinks with a bouquet of deep red roses. Beautiful!

You may also choose a shade of red that feels like it was mixed with a few drops of orange. This commanding type of red balances wonderfully with an extraordinarily pale hue of red or a shade of white like eggshell.

The Classic Rose at Your WeddingRedRoseDSCN6593-14091175355

If you’re using red at your wedding, there’s a good chance you’re going to choose roses as your primary flower. You could do no better in creating an absolutely lush, beautiful backdrop for your wedding than with classic red roses.

If you’ve never decorated or gifted roses before, you might not be aware of the many types of roses that each offers a different size, shape, and bloom. For example, there’s the Dr. Huey rose, commonly found in residential gardens and which opens into a large bloom with flat petals and a little white center.

If you’re looking for the classic, elegant rose that usually appears in Valentine’s Day bouquets, it’ll be the hybrid tea rose that you choose. Think of the timeless beauty of red roses in your wedding bouquet and their vibrancy as the featured flower in each of the wedding party’s boutonnieres and corsages.

A dynamic color complemented by many shades, red is easy to use at a wedding whether it’s the featured color or a subtle accent. Go wild and create an exciting and unforgettable wedding ceremony with flowing, diaphanous red curtains and garlands of red roses everywhere you look!