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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on June 1, 2015 | Last Updated: October 18, 2022 Flowers Roses

Roses for June Birthdays

rosesJune is here, and with it comes the most popular birthday flower of the year; June has the distinct honor of representing the beautiful rose. Although many associate roses with love and Valentine’s Day, the varied color palette – not to mention the individual meanings assigned to each hue – make it meaningful to send roses to nearly everyone in your life. Roses can signify friendship, honor, remembrance, innocence, gratitude, and much more; although of course, true love remains the most prolific sentiment.

History indicates that roses were first cultivated in the region of the Gulf of Persia, and evidence indicates they have been around for millions of years. They grow as either flowering shrubs with blooms of various colors and sizes or climbing species that will creep up a wall or gate with graceful ease. Their stunning beauty and intoxicating aroma have made them treasured flowers for centuries. The ancient goddesses Aphrodite, Venus, and Isis have all been tied to roses as they were said to embody love and passion; the love story of Cleopatra and Marc Antony contains legends of rooms filled knee-deep in roses. In later years, red roses were said to represent the sacrifice of Christian martyrs, whose commitment and love for God were all-encompassing.


Make My Heart Sing

Your choice of colors can truly personalize your feelings for the June birthday recipient. Our Make My Heart Sing arrangement combines 16 roses of red and pink, which symbolize love, admiration, and appreciation – a poignant expression to the wife or mother in your life.

For friends, children, or coworkers, Ah Sam Florist provides a variety of brilliantly colored rose bouquets, all with perfect sentiments attached. We happily deliver across the Bay area from our San Mateo florist shop. Call us or come in today to choose the perfect rose arrangement for that special someone’s June birthday.