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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on April 30, 2018 Flowers Graduation Prom Spring

Planning Ahead For End Of School Year Celebrations

It’s nearly May, and soon enough those prom, graduation and other end of the school year invites will start rolling in. Whether you’ve got a soon-to-be grad or not, you’ll likely find yourself attending at least one recital, performance or ceremony this June, or at least in the position to send congratulatory flowers. Here at Ah Sam Florist, we’ve got boutonnieres, corsages, event-worthy flowers and much, much more. We’re prepped for June’s biggest parties, and we can help you get that way, too.

If you’re hosting a graduation or other celebratory event in your home, you’ll need a centerpiece that lives up to the occasion. A design like Starlight Centerpiece really speaks to the spirit of accomplishment that accompanies so many of our end of school year events, along with a bit of wistfulness and nostalgia. We’re honoring our grads and making sure they have a great time in our homes with their friends and family, but we’re also looking back on how far they’ve come. This piece captures that mood, with white lily given the starring role and iris providing a striking  support.

White & Blue Floral Centerpiece - San Mateo, CA Delivery - Starlight Centerpiece

Grace your graduation party table with something that speaks to such an important occasion, suggesting reverence but also a bit of sentimentality, too.