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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on July 6, 2015 Plants Summer

Outdoor Plants Summer Decorating

Outdoor Plants Bay Area, CAIf you are like us, summer is a time when you look to brighten up your patio, porch or yard with bright summer blooms or lush greenery. But as California summer heat can wither many types of plants and flowers, Ah Sam has an alternative for you to provide a unique and compelling outdoor landscape.

The Old Man Cactus – Plants Bay Area, CA exhibits light green-blue colored flesh, with fuzzy “white hair” that looks like an old man’s beard. Originally from central Mexico, this succulent loves well-drained soil and full-sun, Given that they can grow to 10 feet tall, a cactus makes a dramatic statement in a southwest style yard. Surround with metallic or stone detailing and accents, and the southwest comes alive right on your back patio. One of the biggest design elements of the year is Edison style light bulbs strung around your outdoor space, providing simply elegant lighting that feels like the great outdoors.

outdoor plants

Old Man Cactus

To provide the color around the desk or backyard display, the beautiful Patio Garden in a ceramic vessel will add a splash of color to your outdoor patio.  The plants can be transplanted into the ground as part of a permanent garden too.     

outdoor plants

European Patio garden

The Succulent Retreat dish garden is also popular with its cooling shades of green.

outdoor plants

Succulent retreat

For as many styles of backyard design that there are, there are plants and flowers that will accentuate and embellish beautifully. Come into Ah Sam of San Mateo to browse the options, and speak to our professional florists as to alternatives for outdoor decorating with flowers.


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