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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on June 29, 2016 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Birthday Summer

July Birthday Flowers

july birthdayThere are two popular ways to choose a floral arrangement for your July birthday celebrants. The first is to pay homage to the July birth flower of the month, which in July is the lovely blue delphinium. The second is to reference the birthstone of July, which is the amazing ruby, the most valuable of the gemstones. Whether sending within the San Mateo area or across the country, Ah Sam is here to assist.

The cheerful delphinium is a delicate flower popular with gardeners. It shares similarities with larkspur and is a member of the buttercup family. For such a graceful bloom, it has some lofty meanings; including striving for goals and expanding your opportunities. It is also said to embody a spirit of staying upbeat in the face of trouble and is recommended as the perfect flower to give to celebrate virtually anything positive and happy. As such, this lovely summer flower makes for the perfect July birthday bloom.

july birthdayIronically, the opposite end of the cool blue delphinium on the color spectrum is this month’s birthstone, the fiery red ruby. The spectacular ruby has been considered the most valuable of all the gemstones, and ancients considered it to surpass all others in virtue. It was a stone of nobility, the stone of kings. Down through the ages the ruby has come to represent passion, protection and prosperity; it’s intense glowing red color was said to cause water to boil and wax to melt. It was also reputed to ward off sickness, to bring its’ owner peace, protect from nightmares and even to help resolve disputes.

july birthdayWith so many redeeming qualities, it is no wonder this gemstone is revered. You can send all these sentiments to your loved one through a ruby red bouquet of red roses or red gerbera daisies; anthurium and bromeliads can bring the heat in a more tropical arrangement.

Cool delphinium or fiery ruby red roses – or a combination of both – the floral artists at Ah Sam Flowers are eager to create beautiful designs for all of your July birthdays. With so much meaning and significance behind the symbols of the month, these birthday flowers are sure to present an impressive display.