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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on May 16, 2016 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Graduation

Graduation Flowers from Ah Sam Flowers

graduation flowersIt’s graduation season! Every year we celebrate those in our lives who have read all the books, written all the papers, and passed all the tests – for all of that hard work, it is only fitting that your graduate should be recognized. From kindergarten to college, let them know how proud you are of them!

At the graduation ceremony, a popular custom is to adorn the graduate with a lei. When you present your loved one with this floral wreath, it symbolizes deep affection towards them. Leis are traditionally given when someone is arriving or leaving someplace special, which makes them an appropriate gift as the graduate leaves one phase of life and enters another. The most common variations of leis are comprised of flowers, although they can also be made from vines and leaves. Orchids – particularly the dendrobium – are the most popular floral choice because of their long-lasting beauty; purple and white are the two most popular colors for botanical leis, although matching school colors often determine the selection. Of course, leis can be made of any flower, such as roses and carnations, and because of their wide variation in hue, these flowers can make it easier to represent specific color palettes.

graduation flowers graduation flowers

Flowers have long been used to express specific sentiments. If you are going to send a bouquet of flowers to your graduate, here are a few of the hidden flower meanings that will guarantee that your floral bouquet is not only beautiful, buy meaningful. For instance, we can look to ancient civilizations and see that the laurel leaf stood for accomplishment, achievement and victory. When creating floral bouquets, try combining purple iris which stands for wisdom; with lilac roses, which stand for respect and admiration. Or for a triumphant rose display, choose orange, pink and yellow-orange roses tell the recipient you are proud of them, pink roses tell them you admire them, and yellow roses stand for a high mark of distinction.

graduation flowersThis graduation season, give flowers which will recognize all of their achievement. Ah Sam Flowers has every flower you need to make an impression they won’t soon forget.