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Posted by sbikos on May 6, 2016 | Last Updated: December 10, 2021 Birthday

Give Green this May

may birthdaysAs the birthstone for May, the emerald represents rebirth, youth, and good fortune; and the Greek word for emerald fittingly translates to “green”. Symbolic of spring and nature’s bounty, the color green and the emerald are the perfect ambassadors for this verdant month, and Ah Sam Florist is ready with the floral representations of these sentiments for all of your May birthday recipients. After all, a florist is the perfect place to get a green gift!

may birthdayIn the study of gems, color is divided into three facets – hue, saturation, and tone. Emeralds, although thought always to be the deep green they are famous for, can occur in colors ranging from yellow-green to blue-green (although the lighter tones are sometimes named beryl). This means that a wide range of flowers and plants would be a fitting representation of the emerald when sending May birthday florals; from the prosperous money tree to the exotic to fig tree to beautiful and rare green orchids.

There are other flowers you might not think of that also come in shades of green – the springlike hydrangea is a perfect example, as are chrysanthemums and zinnias. You may not realize that even carnations, roses, and day lilies are available in green. With so many choices, it will be easy to create a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind bouquet for your loved one, all dressed up in emerald green for the birthday party.

may birthdayOf course, there are a wide variety of green plants that make lovely additions to the home or the office – so this month, get inspired by the emerald, and send all your friends who are celebrating a lush, green bouquet. Ah Sam’s floral designers and expert florists are looking forward to creating a unique floral arrangement just for them – all of San Mateo will be green with envy.