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Flowers For The Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ever since 1993, October has been recognized as the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The purpose is to help spread awareness about the prevalence of breast cancer, the second most common form of cancer found in women, and one that will strike one out of every eight women who are born in the United States today.

While there are many planned events to raise money, encourage community involvement, and teach the public about the importance of early detection, some organizations (namely cancer centers, hospitals and health care clinics,) offer free mammograms during the month of October to help women who can’t afford them, get the preventive screening that may wind up saving their lives.

It is important to recognize that men can also get breast cancer, and although the statistics aren’t nearly as high as they are for women, the awareness month campaigns should also let people know that 5 percent of men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

The governor of Maine wanted to show his support, and he is doing so by planting pink tulips. Bay area residents who want to show their support, or solidarity can also do so by participating in their own Plant It Pink campaigns.

The National Gardening Club came up with the idea for the project, hoping to encourage schools, community organizations, churches, hospitals, cancer centers, businesses, large corporations, and cities to start their own campaigns by beautifying their community with pink flowers.

Do it to show support, and to stand in solidarity. You can share your creations with the country by sending photos, a description, and evidence of Plant It Pink projects to the National Gardening Club. They will then share it with members at the annual convention.

The idea of a Plant It Pink campaign is fantastic, but many people don’t have the time, inclination or space in which to plant flowers. That doesn’t have to prevent them from showing support for the cause in whatever way they can.

An excellent way to do that, and to help people who come to your business, office, work area or home, is by displaying flowers that bring that idea of “think pink” into people’s minds. An exotic Orchid Garden is sure to stop people dead in their tracks.

If you’d like something that you can keep for longer than a few weeks or the month of October, Cheerful Garden Wishes lis a collection of pink and white plants in an attractive wooden basket that will brighten your home or other place for many months or more. Or cheer someone up with the Vision in Pink arrangement, a collection of pink and other flowers including happy Gerbera daisies that are sure to put a smile on that special person’s sad face.