Remember and Honor

While the holidays are a wonderful time to spend with friends, family and loved ones, this season can also bring a sadness for those who are no longer with us. One excellent way to honor their memory, their service to their community and our country, or their value in your family is to place a beautiful holiday wreath on their grave site. Wreaths Across America is a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery that you can participate in wherever you are. Choose a beautiful, hand-crafted wreath from Ah Sam Florist to honor and remember your loved ones this season.

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Appropriate Flowers for the Memorial Service

memorial service

At Ah Sam Florist, we have decades of experience in helping you to commemorate all of life’s milestones and events. Sometimes, that means helping you in saying goodbye to a dear friend or loved one. When those times come, we are honored to provide the beautiful flowers for the funeral or memorial service. We know it can be a little confusing to figure out exactly what to send, especially to navigate the choices at the time. Therefore, we have put together this brief guide on purchasing funeral flowers and expressing your condolences.  Continue reading

Ah Sam Celebration of Life Flowers

celebration of life flowersUpon the passing of a loved one, you most likely will want to send flowers either to the memorial service or to the home of the family. However, with funeral services now taking many forms, you may be confused as to what is appropriate to send, as well as where and when to send it. As costs rise for traditional funerals, celebrations of life are becoming more common, and often allow for less time for flowers to arrive at the funeral home or church. To help you best honor the one you love, here is a concise guide we hope will help at this difficult time.

Celebration of life flowers that will be present at the service, such as casket sprays or wreath garlands, are the responsibility of the family.  While white roses, lilies or gladioli are traditional sympathy florals, the family often chooses to personalize these arrangements based upon a favorite bloom or color. They may also wish to design arrangements that incorporate a personal keepsake, photograph or meaningful item. It is especially poignant to create a design about the deceased’s passions or hobbies, whether it be sports, a career or military service.
celebration of life flowers celebration of life flowers
At a wake or funeral, wreaths and standing sprays are often the arrangement of choice from close friends, colleagues or teammates. A bouquet is also appropriate to be delivered to the memorial service, especially as it can be easily transported to another location, such as the family home. If you were not able to send flowers in time to the ceremony, send a bouquet, green plant or fruit basket for the family to have in the days and weeks to come.
 celebration of life flowers
Whatever you choose to send, your thoughtful gesture means so much to the family. If you have any questions regarding what floral arrangements to send to a funeral, memorial or celebration of life, please do not hesitate to give us a call at Ah Sam Florist- we are happy to help.