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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on September 10, 2018 Plants Succulents

A Little Something To Make Your Self Care Easy For September

We all know by now the importance of self-care. If we’re not taking care of ourselves and our basic needs, chances are we won’t be much help when it comes to caring for those around us. One simple way to create an empathy for others while giving yourself the care you need is by adopting a few succulents. These sweet plants are easy to care for and precious to admire. Ah Sam Flowers suggests starting with a few easy-to-care-for selections, then adding to your plant family as you become confident in caring for them.

Coupling succulents with a gorgeous orchid or two is a winning combination, as seen in Ciao! Orchid & Succulent Garden. The mini-orchids bring color and texture to the many succulents found nestled in the bottom of this galvanized container. Bring a natural garden right to your desk or coffee table with this adorable arrangement.

Orchid & Succulent Garden San Mateo (CA) Same-day Delivery

Take a few moments each day to care for sweet succulents and feel your stress melt away. Surrounding yourself, your home or your work space with living things will help you maintain balance and focus, both leading to an overall wellness of being. Talk to the floral experts at Ah Sam Flowers about our many varieties and species of plants and succulents you can choose and fill your world with green.