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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on September 12, 2016 | Last Updated: February 14, 2020 Plants Succulents

Amazing Succulents – Perfect Gifts & Home Decor

We love the style that flowers and plants bring to our homes, whether we are decorating outside or in; but admittedly, not everyone has a green thumb. We have the perfect answer to transform your home, spruce up your curb appeal and enjoy traditional California decor, while not having to worry about intricate care and maintenance. Succulents are amazing – they are hardy, diverse and absolutely beautiful. This season, come to Ah Sam Florist and learn more about these fascinating, easy-going plants that are perfect for all lifestyles.


Succulents come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be arranged any one of our unique vessels and containers. With a reputation for being exceptionally easy to take care of, the succulent is a terrific year-round plant. In fact, they require so little care that you generally can forget you even own them for weeks at a time, although you won’t  – you’ll be too busy admiring them. Month after month, they will go on flourishing and brightening your home with their unique beauty.

succulents Succulents exhibit leaves of geometric shapes and colors that span the entire spectrum, they are each natural pieces of artwork. Just as a great basic piece of clothing in your closet can be dressed up or down, these simple yet charming plants can fit any home decor. Whether arranged naturally with rocks and moss; or designed elegantly in an oval copper container, you can display succulents anywhere – and they will surely impress. Succulents make wonderful gifts for anyone, male or female – and are perfect for any occasion,

Succulent gardens are one of our favorite ways to decorate a front patio or steps – they will greet your guests with a welcoming, California desert vibe.


If you are looking for unique home decor that will last throughout the season, look no further than the diversity and beauty of succulents. We also have a guide to your indoor plant care.

For the creative succulent designs that will bring style to any home, look no further than Ah Sam Florist of San Mateo.