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Celebrate The Red, White, and Blue

As July approaches, we look forward to celebrating our nation's independence on the Fourth of July. This is a fabulous time to come together as family, friends, neighbors and fellow Americans. Celebrate the heart and spirit of our country together when you celebrate the red, white and blue. Ah Sam Florist has some patriotic floral pieces in house, ready to help you celebrate your independence and decorate your home accordingly. Take a look at all of our great Fourth of July designs. Then, choose something perfect for your home, front porch or backyard barbecue on Independence Day this year. Read More about Celebrate The Red, White, and Blue »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on June 14, 2019 | Last Updated: June 18, 2019 4th of July Carnations Flowers Holidays Roses Summer

Celebrate Summer With Blossoms of Joy

Summertime is a great opportunity to get outside! Enjoy the longer days, warmer weather and beautiful bright colors this season brings. Adding bright summer flowers to your home, porch or party will bring so much color and spirit to your summer activities. The floral experts at Ah Sam Florist want to help you choose some amazing floral designs for your home or next summer event. Read More about Celebrate Summer With Blossoms of Joy »
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Enjoy White Floral Arrangements Long Past Labor Day

Tradition says those white throw pillows and sandals are about to disappear, while more modern, trendy fashionistas recommend using white in your decorating and clothing anytime you like. The floral artisans at Ah Sam Florist think you’ll be delighted to keep enjoying white all year when you see some of our fabulous all-white arrangements. Use as a foundation for bold fall colors, or simply maintain a fresh, light ambiance with blooms that are too gorgeous to regret. Read More about Enjoy White Floral Arrangements Long Past Labor Day »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on August 19, 2018 Flowers Summer

Making Every Room Bloom

Whether you are preparing a delicious feast for guests, or simply want to have a gorgeous spread waiting at dinnertime, make sure your dining room table is complete by choosing a perfect bouquet of flowers to compliment your style and colors. Flowers will enhance your decor, add life to any room and give off a fragrance that will soothe and comfort anyone who dines with you. Your dining room table, in particular, is a great space to model your sense of style. Talk to the floral designers at Ah Sam Florist for some inspiring ideas for your dining area. Read More about Making Every Room Bloom »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on August 4, 2018 Flowers Summer

A Summer Soiree And Its Flowers

So you're having a dinner party this June. You've got the perfect meal planned---maybe some salmon or shellfish. A bright ceviche, a platter full of yummy crudite and a sorbet for dessert. You've bought the wine, chilled the glasses and brought out the good linens. The scene has been set, and yet, where are you with flowers? Ah Sam Flowers believes that you should never let a good party go by without dressing it in a striking centerpiece arrangement. So scooch that lush salad over to the side and keep the center of your table clear. We've got just the right floral piece for your summer gathering. Read More about A Summer Soiree And Its Flowers »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer

Butterfly Gardens & Bee Friendly Plants

Nature is awesome - not only do flowers brighten our lives with their beauty, but they perform important roles within our ecosystem. When looking for ways to decorate a front porch or back patio, there are specific floral choices you can make that will help bees, encourage butterflies, and even repel those nasty insects you don't want ruining a peaceful and relaxing day. Come to Ah Sam Florist for large bouquets and arrangements that will wow your guests while making these long San Mateo summer days more enjoyable. Here are just a few of the plants and flowers you can consider for small butterfly gardens and bee friendly gardens.  Read More about Butterfly Gardens & Bee Friendly Plants »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on June 27, 2017 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Flowers Summer

Summer Florals for a Beautiful Table

Spending more time outside in summer is an annual tradition - and at this time of year, one of our favorite pastimes is sharing a meal with friends. If you are planning an elegant garden party or a casual picnic, summer florals are a beautiful way to decorate your table for your guests. Ah Sam Florist has sophisticated, vivid, and unique floral designs that will add ambiance to any summer tablescape. Choose yellow callas, orange gerberas, white orchids, blue delphinium - the choices ar endless and are sure to make any dinner a special occasion.  Read More about Summer Florals for a Beautiful Table »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on June 13, 2017 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Flowers Summer