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Favorite Flowers of Five Famous Women

The type of flowers you gravitate toward can speak volumes about your personality, so in honor of Women’s History Month, San Mateo and Silicon Valley's top florist shop, Ah Sam Florist, decided to look into the favorite flowers of a few of today’s famous women. Perhaps you’ll find out your favorite flower is the same as your favorite female celebrity! Read More about Favorite Flowers of Five Famous Women »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on March 5, 2020 | Last Updated: February 18, 2021 Flower Gifts Flowers Spring

Stylish Mother’s Day Flowers

Often we have many women in our lives who fill a motherly role for us, whether or not they are actually our parents. For all the women in your life who nurture, encourage and support you in every way, send a beautiful bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers from Ah Sam Florist. Our design artisans are creating an amazing line of Mother’s Day arrangements that will reflect her personality and style perfectly. A unique, artistic expression of floral beauty is an excellent way to show her how much you love her and appreciate her in your life. Read More about Stylish Mother’s Day Flowers »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on April 29, 2019 | Last Updated: March 4, 2020 Flower Gifts Flowers Holidays Mother's Day Roses Spring

Planning Ahead For End Of School Year Celebrations

It's nearly May, and soon enough those prom, graduation and other end of the school year invites will start rolling in. Whether you've got a soon-to-be grad or not, you'll likely find yourself attending at least one recital, performance or ceremony this June, or at least in the position to send congratulatory flowers. Here at Ah Sam Florist, we've got boutonnieres, corsages, event-worthy flowers and much, much more. We're prepped for June's biggest parties, and we can help you get that way, too. Read More about Planning Ahead For End Of School Year Celebrations »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on April 30, 2018 Flowers Graduation Prom Spring

A Palette Cleanser For Spring

While you're kicking off the season with a deep spring clean of your home, don't forget that adding some new decor items is just as refreshing as subtracting some. Ah Sam Florist sees a spring clean as a time to rethink how we've styled our homes and offices and to remove what no longer serves us from the scene. But new decor items are just as important to our sense of well-being and balance, and that includes flowers and plants. Read More about A Palette Cleanser For Spring »
Posted by ahsamgf on April 2, 2018 | Last Updated: February 14, 2020 Flowers Plants Spring

A Vase Of Fragrant Hyacinth

Ah Sam Flowers knows the nose knows when it comes to flowers. For all of their visual appeal, flowers make an equally strong appeal to our olfactory sense, which is to say that they smell good and we like good smells. And while certainly not all flowers were created equal when it comes to scent, each one does have its own distinct fragrance, even if that fragrance hews more to the description of "smelling fresh." Read More about A Vase Of Fragrant Hyacinth »
Posted by ahsamgf on March 19, 2018 | Last Updated: June 9, 2020 Flowers Spring

Welcome to Hyacinth Season

March 7 was World Hyacinth Day, a global celebration of this fragrant flower that springs from a bulb. Hyacinths begin to bloom in March, perfuming the air with their delicate clusters. Here at Ah Sam Florist, we're doing our part to ensure that the hyacinth---a flower with its own Greek myth---gets its due. Read More about Welcome to Hyacinth Season »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on March 12, 2018 Flowers Spring

Late Spring Floral Arrangements Dazzle

Although there is a lot to celebrate in the spring, the beauty of the season really is reason enough to smile and be happy. As we wind down spring and head into the summer months, we showcase the bright, vivid and gorgeous blooms that represent this time of the year - from tulips and roses to hydrangea and lilies. In garden baskets, wildflower bouquets or meticulously arranged designs, the flowers of late spring are nothing short of amazing. And the floral experts at Ah Sam Florist have put their talents to work to create some of the most beautiful designs you'll see anywhere in San Mateo. Fill your home with late spring floral arrangements, and enjoy the season to its fullest.   Read More about Late Spring Floral Arrangements Dazzle »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on May 10, 2017 | Last Updated: May 15, 2017 Flowers Spring

April Daisies

April is here, and springtime is in full swing! One of the most iconic flowers of spring is the daisy, and to recognize this fact, daisies have been named the official birth flower of the month. Daisies… Read More about April Daisies »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on April 4, 2016 Flowers Spring