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Father’s Day Favorites: Gifts that Match Dad’s Unique Flair

As Father’s Day rolls around, we celebrate all kinds of dads and tip our hats to the incredible father figures out there! We wouldn’t be who we are today without our amazing grandpas, uncles, stepdads, and those honorary dads who’ve… Read More about Father’s Day Favorites: Gifts that Match Dad’s Unique Flair »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on April 12, 2024 | Last Updated: April 24, 2024 Father's Day Holidays Plants Succulents

The Best Red Flowers of Autumn and Winter

Few things can brighten your spirits and your home like dazzling red flowers. Send away the ennui of winter and turn up the cheer with vibrant red blossoms. Red is a powerful color that has a presence unlike any other… Read More about The Best Red Flowers of Autumn and Winter »

Not Just Another Houseplant: A Piece of Art for Your Home

Following the large increase in home renovating and decor revamping, many people have also adopted a new title as “plant parent.” While living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, outside spaces, and more are being filled with these amazing and luscious… Read More about Not Just Another Houseplant: A Piece of Art for Your Home »

Winter Plants We Love All Season

Winter’s cold weather is here, bringing with it frosts that can put an end to summer and fall blooms. However, just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean you have to wait until spring to enjoy beautiful flowers. The bright colors and soft textures of spring and summer flowers are behind us for now, but there is still so much to be enjoyed about plants that thrive and even bloom in the winter. From lush green plants that can be formed into topiaries to bright colorful blooms hardy enough to sustain in winter temperatures, your world can be full of plant life and colorful blooms if you know where to look. The floral experts at Ah Sam Florist want to show you what flowers and plants to include in your home that will thrive all season long. Read More about Winter Plants We Love All Season »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on December 16, 2019 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Plants Succulents

4 Great Flower Ideas For Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day is approaching soon, on the first Sunday in September after Labor Day. This is a great opportunity for children and grandparents to connect and celebrate their relationship. With our professional delivery services, Ah Sam Florist will deliver your beautiful choice of floral bouquets, gifts, or dish gardens to any local residence, nursing home, hospital, senior community  or assisted living facility in the greater San Mateo area as well as nationwide! In honor of this upcoming holiday, the designers at Ah Sam Florist offer some fun ways to celebrate grandparents this year, along with beautiful floral designs for children to send grandparents.  Read More about 4 Great Flower Ideas For Grandparents Day »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on August 2, 2019 | Last Updated: August 7, 2019 Flower Gifts Grandparents Day Holidays Orchids Plants Roses Succulents

5 Ways To Prepare For College Life

Gifts For College Freshmen Leaving for college is an exciting time in a student’s life. Growing up, living away from home and generally testing the waters is a wonderful experience. Being prepared for dorm life can be a challenge though. What do you bring? What should stay at home? That’s why the designers at Ah Sam Florist have put together a list of items you may not have thought of, but your college student will be so glad they have.  Read More about 5 Ways To Prepare For College Life »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on July 22, 2019 | Last Updated: July 25, 2019 Back to School Flower Gifts Plants Succulents

Find Unique Treasures

 As you probably already know, Ah Sam Florist always brings you the most gorgeous bouquets of floral designs and arrangements. Did you know we also carry amazing containers and vases to house those beautiful flowers? Not only that, but our store is rife with beautiful plants and succulents, indoor desktop plants and so much more. We even carry large specimen plants to adorn your porch or larger indoor spaces. Find unique treasures in our showroom and garden center when you discover our collection for yourself. Come on in to check out our wide variety of fresh flower designs, silk flowers, arrangements and floral accents featured throughout our showroom and garden center. Our unique vases and containers make beautiful gifts and can help you create beautiful memories, too! Read More about Find Unique Treasures »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on June 30, 2019 | Last Updated: July 8, 2019 Flower Gifts Plants Succulents

Prom Flowers For Spring

.single #maincontent .img-featured { object-position: top; } Prom and spring dance season is upon us and we are excited to showcase some of our special corsages and boutonnieres that we provide for these special events. Wearing a beautiful corsage along with your date's boutonniere to match is a time-honored tradition that goes right along with limousines and disco balls. Fortunately, these beautiful wearable flowers have an updated, more modern look that you'll love. The floral designers at Ah Sam Florist are eager to share our newest creations of prom flowers for spring! Take a look at some of these beautiful corsages and boutonnieres to dress up your prom outfit or spring dance dress. Read More about Prom Flowers For Spring »
Posted by Ah Sam Florist on April 1, 2019 | Last Updated: October 18, 2022 Flowers Prom Roses Succulents