Administrative Professionals Day Highlights Desktops Everywhere

Desktops can look a little dull after a long winter. They need some brightening up, a nice spring clean and a new plant or flower, if you ask us at Ah Sam Florist. And that’s why we’re here campaigning on behalf of desktops everywhere, just ahead of Administrative Professionals Day (April 25) and at the very moment when we predict most workplaces could use a refresh.

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Fun Tulip Facts

shutterstock_248293039Tulips are intriguing flowers that manage to attract attention each spring. When these unique looking flowers poke their heads up out of the soil and share their magnificent color with the world, it is a sure sign that spring has arrived.

These tulips wait for the warmer weather to bloom, but they do require cold weather. Interestingly, these plants will not bloom if they are not exposed to a cold, dormant period. In areas that do not have cold enough winters, experienced gardeners know that they will actually need to stick the bulbs into the refrigerator to simulate the cold weather so that the bulb can thrive come spring.

The tulip remains a popular flower in many parts of the world, including Western Europe and Central Asia. It is even the national flower of Turkey and Afghanistan.

The flower originated in Central Asia and slowly migrated to the west. When it reached the Netherlands, the famous botanist Carolus Clusius began to cultivate the flower at the end of the 16th century, creating some of his own varieties of the tulip. He helped to make the flower so popular that a speculative market bubble known as ‘tulip mania’ led to people spending exorbitant amounts of money on tulip bulbs. The market crashed after just a few years.

There are now an estimated 150 species of tulips and over 3000 varieties. There is even a Dutch organization that continues to keep track of all the registered types of tulips and Holland remains the biggest producer of commercial tulips. They produce as many 3 billion bulbs every year, many of which are exported.

At Ah Sam we find the tulip to be one of the best symbols of approaching spring. We love helping clients find some of the beautiful flowers for themselves of someone they care about. Here are a few of our favorite options.

A Tulip Symphony

This arrangement uses several beautiful types of tulips in a clear vase. The colors work together to create a spectacular arrangement that will add some light to any room in the house.

A Tulip Symphony

A Tulip Symphony

A Burst of Spring

This arrangement combines tulips with some other fantastic spring flowers and colors, such as yellows, oranges, and blues to create a truly spring look. This arrangement is the perfect way to welcome the changing seasons.

Burst of Spring

Burst of Spring

Tulips are beautiful flowers that countless people can appreciate. They have a rich color and unique look that welcomes spring and warm weather. Those who love the flower should appreciate the history of it and consider one of our suggested arrangements to celebrate it.