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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on December 15, 2015 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Christmas

Ah Sam Holiday Treats

holiday giftThroughout history and in many cultures, eating together is recognized as the most important of traditions – sharing a meal together is considered familiar and intimate, and those invited to share your table are honored guests. Although we may not be quite so formal in our modern day celebrations, gathering together with friends and families still universally involves sharing food. This holiday season, make sure that you have enough snacks on hand to appease everyone’s tastes and appetites.

The Gourmet Delight Basket will keep even the most proficient snackers busy for hours. With gourmet crackers and cheeses, fresh fruits, chocolates, cookies and wine or champagne, this basket is reminiscent of an elegant indoor picnic. Quite literally offering something for everyone, this gift basket is destined to become the centerpiece of your gathering, at least until dinner is served!

But lets be honest – at Christmas, sometimes all we want is chocolate. Our Chocolate Snack Attack delivers what everyone wants in a variety of decadent ways, Just break out a glass of wine -or a glass of milk- and let the chocolate feast begin.

A collection of lemon treats presented with a faux bouquet makes a perfect hostess gift! Artichoke lemon pesto, antipasti, pane rustico – Italian flatbread cracker and your choice of wine artfully arranged on a beautifully hand decoupage wooden tray with carry handles by Michael Design Works.

gift basket

Holiday Gourmet Gift

A holiday gourmet gift basket is also a wonderful gift to show your appreciation to others in your life. Whether in the teacher’s break room or your company’s boardroom, these arrangements of delicious options are always well received. Combine the gift basket with a traditional poinsettia bloom or glass of wine, and you’ll be remembered as sending the most festive – and most delicious – holiday gift.

From seasonal floral arrangements to baskets full of gourmet snacks, Ah Sam Flowers has everything you need to finish off your holiday shopping. Don’t forget to pick up an elegant centerpiece for your holiday table; and enjoy your time with family and friends. From everyone at Ah Sam, we wish you a wonderful, and tasty, holiday season.